5 reasons to play card games this winter

In the 21st century, we’re more likely to play games on our televisions or phones. But card and board games still make for a tremendous pastime, even in this modern digital age.

Here are The Pandemic Wars: Card Game’s top 5 reasons:

  1. Card games don’t require power. You can play them anywhere

Whilst digital games require electricity or a power source, analog games can be played anywhere. Choose your place and GO!

  1. Analog games offer players important life lessons

Basically there are three kinds of games: those that are based purely on strategy or skill; those that are based entirely on luck; and those that involve both. In both games and life in general, sometimes things fall in your favor, and sometimes they fall against you. 

  1. Card games facilitate pressure free socialization

The next time you get to a party where you know almost no one, you got to hope it’s game night. A good card game can help you break the ice and socialize with one and all!

  1. Analog games scratch the itch for competition

Card and tabletop games help friends bond whilst engaging in a healthy battle to emerge victorious. Who doesn’t remember “that winning feeling”?

  1. Card games link generations

What better way to bond with your parents, aunt or great grandmother than engage in a form of gaming easily understood by them? Card games are often the glue that binds the family’s generations together.

If you haven’t yet got your hands on The Pandemic Wars: Card Game, you can do so HERE.