How Card Games Build Skills

Card and board games are often viewed by society as being a distraction and total waste of time. But, avid card gamers know that such games have all sorts of benefits. Games can teach you a great deal about yourself, your skills and weaknesses, as well as help you develop a range of other life skills.

1. Focus and Concentration
In a world of noisy notifications, concentration is golden. Card games force you to be vigilant at all times in order to collect any information which might help you beat your opponents..

2. Patience
Whether you're waiting to make your next move or you are waiting for a player to make his, card games are a model lesson in patience. Being patient and unflappable is invaluable in formulating a strategy to win at cards and largely at life.

3. Memory
Memory is an especially critical element of learning. Being able to remember complex information consistently can give you an edge at home and at work. Success in a number of card games is heavily linked with players memory.

4. Decision Making
Every card game involves some form of decision-making: whether to pick up a card, lay down a card, fold etc. Becoming a skilled gamer helps develop your decision making abilities.

5. Mental Mathematics
Games like Poker and Rummy involve using probabilities and quick mental calculations at every turn. No calculators or excel formula can substitute for the ability to make quick mental calculations.

6. Social Skills
Card games are great ice-breakers and help players develop important social skills such as interacting with other players, judging their actions and moves and losing and winning in the right spirit.

So next time you frown at your friends for playing a card game, think again!