How The Pandemic Wars Card Game Will Teach You About The Economy

There are several ways, tedious and boring, to learn about the economy. Be it slogging in classes or binging on Coursera, economics never feels fun. However, there is one way to do a crash course on ‘Econ 101’ without even realizing it--it's playing The Pandemic Words card game. From market and money to assets and value, this card game covers all nitty-gritties you need to know.



Here are Top 5 things you will learn from the game:

1. Bull Market: A bull market is a rising market in which economic conditions are usually favourable. A bull market is characterised by a prolonged price rise. In the case of financial markets, the bull market signifies a surge in business share values. In such periods, investors are also optimistic that the upward trajectory will persist in the long run. The country's economy is generally good in this situation, and job levels are high.

2. Bear Market: In an economy that is receding and where certain stocks are falling in value, a bear market persists. This adds to a downward trajectory that consumers hope will persist, which in essence, perpetuates the downward spiral. The economy slows down during a bear market and unemployment increases as firms continue to lay off employees.

3. Asset: An asset is an economic-value property owned or managed by a person, business or nation in the hope that it can provide a potential profit.

4. Scrap value: It is the value of an object when it has come to the end of its usable life, it is also sometimes called salvage value.

5. Price fluctuation: They are upward or downward swings in the prices of assets in an economy.

These five terms are not only used in The Pandemic Wars game but more often than not, in our real lives.

Stay tuned for more such fun and interesting information!