How The Pandemic Wars Was Born

Can chaos breed creativity? This question has lurked in the back of my head for as long as I can remember. When the Pandemic struck in March 2020, and lockdown was imposed, my question was modified to: Can boredom foster creativity?

For me, it did. For the first time in years as a millennial struggling to make life work, I had hours, days and weeks to play with ideas. I made a reading list, started a workout program and enrolled for courses to build skills I lacked. Every day, I woke with a plan. But something else happened that I wasn't expecting.

The Pandemic Wars card game was born.

The idea came from the flood of images and video clips of friends and family playing Ludo on social media platforms. I'd never imagined that Ludo could be played with such gusto. Wow! How far would people go for entertainment in a lockdown? Even Snakes & Ladders seemed suddenly exciting.

Maybe it was time to come up with a new, fun game? After toying with various possible themes, it struck me that the most dynamic theme was staring me in the face: The Pandemic. A mere virus had managed to transform the business environment overnight. The volatile stock market in different countries was proof enough. Companies lost or gained 20% in a single day. Billions and trillions of dollars were lost by businesses, in a matter of minutes. It was almost unbelievable!

So I decided to create a game that captured some of the major economic events of the Pandemic, and how these impacted various players in different countries. My friends and colleagues were as excited as me, and after lively discussions it became obvious that an easy to play card game would appeal to a wider range of people. So I put together a small team of creative and business minds, to produce a game that everyone can play.

The Pandemic Wars is a card game designed to provoke quick business decision making in the prevailing atmosphere of global economic uncertainty. Businesses in every country have been hit by Covid-19, and managing the surges and plunges of the market is a challenge. Each player in the game must assume responsibility for a specific country's economy, and play his/her cards right, to stay ahead.

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