Online gaming is here to say

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in India boosted by a rising smartphone user base as well as improved internet connectivity.

Covid-19 has induced the adoption of mobile based games and apps to such an extent that 2020 has seen more investments in gaming than the last 5 years put together.

Let's examine a few reasons why India is an attractive market for online games and entertainment:

1. India has a huge population of millennials and is a "young" market with about 440 million in the  millennial age category.

2. The number of active internet users is expected to grow to over 900 million by the end of 2021. Games

3. India's gaming sector, which currently stands at $1.2 billion, is predicted to increase to a whopping $3 billion by 2023.
4. Tech and IT has been among the fastest growing sectors in India. This trend will further help push new gaming/entertainment platforms to the masses.

5. Widespread use of online digital payments such as UPI have been strong growth drivers for the online gaming industry.

Linchpin Games, the maker of The Pandemic Wars card game is itself planning an entry into the online gaming sphere in 2021-22. We are excited and you should be too!