The Pandemic Wars: a great learning game for kids

A recently launched card game called The Pandemic Wars offers an interesting perspective with a clever intermingling of concepts on business, stock markets and money and of course a whole lot of fun!

Here are 6 life lessons that this card game has in store for kids and young adults:

  1. Knowledge about global businesses, asset classes and heritage site.
  1. Lessons about the cycles of business/money, namely bull and bear markets.
  1. A sneak peak into how businesses and sectors of global economies were/are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  1. Learnings about how smart money moves by taking advantage of your current assets.
  1. Knowledge about the benefits of savings and maintaining a reserve of cash/assets to help you in your times of need.
  1. Introduction to the concept of debt, it’s dangers  and the consequences of not having a repayment plan in place.

Here are some reviews of parents who played The Pandemic Wars card game with their kids:

“I bought the game of Amazon thinking it would be a good way to get the family together. Little did I know my son (aged 15) and daughter (aged 13) would be the keenest participants. The Pandemic Wars is now our go-to Sunday afternoon game.”

  • Vivek K. (Delhi)

“This game is now enjoyed by my son with his cousins and my extended family. I’m amazed by how much he now knows and talks about global business and also the pandemic. Kudos to team TPW!”

  • Khushika R. (Bangalore)

“The best gift I bought my two boys Rahul and Rajat has been this card game! They are hooked and I’m happy.”

  • Dinesh R. (Mumbai)

Get your copy of the game here!