The Pandemic Wars Culture in India

Gaming culture in India, today, is more popular than it has ever been. Thanks to our customers, who’re adding to this culture by choosing to play and recommend our game “The Pandemic Wars”. From the southern coast to the serene North, the eastern delight to the western chaos, our game showed up on all of your doorsteps! However, there is still a long way to go and we cannot be more excited to get it delivered to places it has never been before.

Tabletop games are not new to India. We have been sitting in circles with our families for decades to play whichever game is most relevant at that point. It not only brings a sense of satisfaction and arises a sense of togetherness, but also is found to be an overall wholesome experience.

The Pandemic Wars card game, like none other before, broke all records in being the most relevant game of its time. Capturing the ongoing pandemic, the international economic swings, the diplomatic war between country leaders and so much more! One can’t help but get surprised by the intricacies and the thought put into the game.

One of our young customers, who is also an MBA student, joined us on our Instagram Live Session to share his experience and talk about the relevance of the game. He even went on to talk about a few strategies that he had learned over time to play a smarter hand at The Pandemic Wars card game. Additionally, we look forward to getting in touch with our customers to talk about the game, solve their queries and help them have an even better experience while playing. Keep playing, winning, and sharing any secret hacks you discover with The Pandemic Wars team!