About Us

Linchpin Games is not just your ordinary tabletop game creator. We aim to create game concepts based on current trends and global issues, our first offering being "The Pandemic Wars".

The Pandemic Wars is a game intended to incite speedy business dynamic in the overall environment of worldwide financial vulnerability. Every player in the game should accept accountability for a particular nation's economy, and do their best, to remain ahead. It’s the best indoor card game to play with your kids and family, this game will help your child from a very young age to take business-related decisions for their better future, and will wake up the spirit of being an entrepreneur. 3 to 7 people can play this game at a time. The game has 6 market cards, 7 country cards, 99 money cards, 55 action cards, 7 special cards, and 42 asset cards.

The Pandemic Wars is up for sale exclusively on our website and also available on: